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Dates: 9th to 14th Feb 2014
Location: Davos, Switzerland. Site of the World Economic Forum.

This meeting has brought together Earth, Solar System and Exoplanet specialists to discuss recent results and the way ahead.

The slides for some talks are now available online. See links in the scientific programme tab or below.

Scientific Organising Committee:

Suzanne Aigrain, University of Oxford
Isabelle Baraffe, University of Exeter
Nick Cowan, Northwestern University
Joe Harrington, University of Central Florida
Kevin Heng, University of Bern
Ray Pierrehumbert, University of Chicago
Frédéric Pont (Chair), University of Exeter
Adam Showman, University of Arizona
David Sing, University of Exeter

Local Organising Committee:

Kevin Heng (LOC Chair), University of Bern
Paul Anthony Wilson, University of Exeter
Simon Grimm, University of Zürich
Jae-Min Lee, University of Zürich
Joao Mendonca, University of Zürich

Monday 10th

08:00Desk opens
08:50Welcome address

Session: Earth-like atmospheres

09:00Climate dynamics of exotic atmospheres (review): Pierrehumbert
09:40A new perspective on the inner edge of the habitable zone: Leconte
10:30Wacky climates in Earth’s history  (review): Abbot
11:10Exoplanetary extreme space weather: Cohen
11:35Terrestrial planet atmospheres in the aftermath of giant impacts: Lupu
12:00Lunch break

Session: Interiors

17:00Interior-atmosphere interactions (review): Elkins-Tanton
17:40Long-term interior and tectonic evolution of rocky planets (review): Tackley
18:20Magnetohydrodynamics in hot Jupiter atmospheres (review): T. Rogers
19:00Evening break

Tuesday 11th

Session: Exoplanet observations

08:30Exoplanet transit observations (review): Desert
09:10Characterising exoplanet atmospheres with HST/WFC3: Mandell
09:35Revealing distant worlds with ground-based spectroscopy: Stevenson
10:30Detecting light from distant worlds (review): Knutson
11:10Observation highlights:
Ground-based detection of water in hot Jupiters: Birkby
Probing the atmosphere of non-transiting planets: Brogi
2D mapping of the eccentric planet HAT-P-2b: de Wit
Mapping clouds in exoplanet atmospheres: Demory
Measuring the reflection signal of HD 189733b: Evans
Atmosphere of exo-Neptune HAT-P-11b: Fraine
Transmission spectroscopy of super-Earth GJ1214b: Kreidberg
HST/STIS transmission spectral survey: Nikolov
12:00Lunch break
14:00Workshop on transit observations: Sing

Session: Clouds, chemistry and climate

17:00Photochemistry (review): Moses
17:40Overcoming remote sensing challenges for cloudy atmospheres: Barstow
18:20Recent advances in exoplanet climate simulations: Showman
19:00Evening break

Wednesday 12th

Session: Circulation models

08:30Exoplanet circulation models (review): Menou
09:10Non-hydrostatic, deep-atmosphere hot Jupiter climate models: Mayne
09:35Water loss from N2/CO2-atmosphere terrestrial planets: Wordsworth

Session: Evaporation and energy

10:30Global energy budgets for terrestrial and gas giant exoplanets: Read
11:10Models of exoplanet evaporation: Owen
11:35Enshrouded close-in exoplanets : Haswell
12:00Lunch break

Session: Outer Solar System

17:00Titan’s atmosphere (review): Mitchell
17:40Measurement of the atmospheres of Europa, Ganymede and Callisto: Wurz
18:20Atmospheric dynamics of giant planets (review): Kaspi
19:00Evening break

Thursday 13th

Session: Brown dwarfs and directly-imaged planets

08:30Brown dwarf observations (review): Apai
09:10Results from the “Weather on other worlds” Spitzer campaign : Metchev
09:35Doppler imaging of a nearby cloudy brown dwarf: Crossfield
10:30Model brown dwarf spectra (review): Barman
11:10Connecting low-gravity brown dwarfs and directly-imaged planets: Liu
11:35The mid-infrared properties of directly-imaged planets: Skemer
12:00Lunch break

Session: Synthetic spectra

17:00Model exoplanet spectra (review): Fortney
17:40Simulated transit spectra of Earth and Jupiter: Irwin
18:20Poster session
19:00Evening break

Friday 14th

Session: Atmospheric retrieval

08:30Chemical characterisation of super-Earths: Madhusudhan
08:55A comparison of exoplanet retrieval techniques: Line
09:20The atmospheres of GJ1214b and GJ436b: Benneke

Session: Theory
10:30Helium-dominated atmosphere on Neptune-size GJ436b: R. Hu
10:55Ionisation regimes structuring planetary atmospheres: Helling
11:20Ocean heat transpor in the climate of exoplanets around M-dwarf stars: Y. Hu
11:40Atmospheric super-rotation: Lewis
12:00Lunch break

Session: Earth-like exoplanets

17:00Planetary winds – what upper atmospheres reveal about deep flows (review): Schneider
17:40Climate and photochemistry of potentially habitable exoplanets: Tian
18:20The prospects for characterizing the atmospheres of rocky exoplanets: Charbonneau
19:00Evening break

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